2mirrors_72At SCREEN BRILLIANCE we value customer satisfaction above all other business assets. If you are a regular or returning customer, you know we have not tried to push our clients onto the digital bandwagon before the time is ripe.  Because of the very fast-paced evolution of these products, and the lack of international standardization, we have been cautious about selling something expensive that may be obsolete in only a few years.

Well, times have changed. Progress is still fast-paced, but the market has reached a level of maturity that allows us to offer a wide range of products, with something suited to just about any presentation requirement. SCREEN BRILLIANCE has increased  delivery of digital systems to include former 70mm venues previously considered untouchable by the new technology. And we will continue to pursue the inexorable growth of the digital market, as it conquers new frontiers.

Digital projection offers an image free of the flaws often associated with traditional film systems  –  scratches and dust traces are annoyances of the past. No more film breakage. No more heavy transportation charges anTouchscreend associated delays. And best of all – a system that is always ready – no more rewinding, re-threading or waiting to prepare for the next show.

Of course,  digital projection systems may still not be the best solution for everyone – yet. As we launch the 2009 season, digital projection sales are on the increase, but are not necessarily ready to dethrone film-based systems for  high quality presentation, on the very largest screens. We still specify and deliver large-format film systems for these special, high-impact presentation needs, and we remain specialists in the 70mm film business.

SCREEN BRILLIANCE works with both digital and film systems, as well as traditional, analog video systems, so we are in a perfect position to advise our clients on these choices. While there is no doubt the future will be digital, launching into that future before it is right for you could result in high costs and some compromise in your picture quality. Consult us first!