TouchscreenNowhere more than in Show Control are the possibilities great to benefit from recent technological developments. The computer revolution has touched us all, and those who do not actively seek out its benefits run the risk of remaining behind.

While our time honored expertise in electrical engineering, flow charts and logical planning remain as pertinent as ever, new, streamlined software packages, developed exclusively for Screen Brilliance, allow you to run your venue more safely, more effortlessly and in many cases with fewer personnel.

To acheive the latest in state of the art Show Control,
SCREEN BRILLIANCE has teamed up with a leader in the art – Media Mation, of Torrence California. Together, the two have developed both new products, for venues under development, as well as drop-in upgrades for existing venues, such as SHOWSCAN, OMNI or IWERKS.

Whether yours is an existing venue, seeking an upgrade, or a new idea seeking implementation, SCREEN BRILLIANCE can provide you with a flexible, well engineered show control system, fine tuned on site and tailored to your specific needs.